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Product Care

Jewelry Care
SuperAttic accessories are made from a variety of mediums. Please take good care of them & be rewarded with their prolonged beauty. 
  • Avoid dropping + scratching them on a hard surface - much like how you would care for a piece of precious china.
  • Please use a dry/damp, soft clean fabric to wipe your accessories after use.
  • Avoid exposure to heat, sunlight, humidity, any product with transferrable colorants, chemicals and perfume.
  • We advise proper storage in a dry, aerated and less crowded storage compartment, such as the box provided. Please do not toss your jewelry into handbags or tight spaces (this will most definitely crush & scratch them.)
Jewelry - Metal Parts
Metal parts used in our accessories are made from a variety of metals. Please refer to individual designs to know the specifics. 
Please note that over time the metal may change in color as it is exposed to atmospheric gas. Simply polish them gently with a metal polishing cloth. 
  • Metal part replacement service, available upon Paid Request.

Homeware Care

Brass Trays
Please note the following about our Brass Resin Homeware products (info also included in a small printout with your order).

  • Avoid direct / prolonged exposure to Sunlight , Artificial Light Source or Chemicals.
  • Resin is a safe and stable medium - feel place your mugs & other displays on it.
  • However, please avoid placing items that are too hot - Pots & Pans , Lighted Candles & other burning products.

  • It is a natural characteristic of Brass to experiencing color toning as it gets exposed to atmospheric gas, moisture and other elements
  • If you like your brass pieces looking all golden and shiny, simple polish them occasional with a brass polish. We recommend the use of Brasso, which can be purchased easily at any Homeware Stores.

Regarding our HandMade Designs

As much as we have been extremely careful in our production process,You may still find some minor imperfections, such as color toning and resin marks, on your designs.

We carefully inspect each piece of work to decide if they pass our mark of satisfaction. & for those minor imperfections which we deem as acceptable, we find them to part of the appeal of Handmade Goods. We hope that you can embrace them in its entirety too.

Simply use a damp piece of soft fabric to wipe the surface & wipe dry after. As simple as it gets.