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Handmade / Special Request / Past Designs

Regarding our HandMade Designs

As much as we have been extremely careful in our production process,You may still find some minor imperfections, such as color toning and resin marks, on your designs.

We carefully inspect each piece of work to decide if they pass our mark of satisfaction. & for those minor imperfections which we deem as acceptable, we find them to part of the appeal of Handmade Goods. We hope that you can embrace them in its entirety too.

Color Accuracy and Visual Representation

Please refer to our main product picture (photographed against a white background), as our most accurate depiction of the product.

While we may attach certain color names to our designs, please do no interpret the names according to any international color standard or chart, kindly refer to the Main Product Picture for our most accurate representation of the actual color.

Some videos were filmed with filters and aesthetic lighting effects.

NO REFUND WILL BE MADE because of claim that the product color was not according to buyer's expectation.

Customised Orders

At the moment we DO NOT accept any customised design orders.

Clipons / Metal Allergies

We offer customised service to convert certain designs for clipon attachments or refitting our gold plated earpost to surgical steel for our STUD Designs Only.

We no longer offer the option of silver earpost, due to issues of the metal being too soft and prone to damages as thin earpost. 

Past / Discontinued Designs

Different designs have been discontinued for a range of reasons. It could be due to the material constrains or for exclusivity. Please contact us with the design name & color for further details.

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are imperfect pearls of irregular shapes and sizes, with dented and uneven surfaces. They often exhibit beautiful luster and colors. Interestingly, the imperfections aren’t seen as flaws when it comes to baroque pearls. Rather, they are celebrated for their uniqueness. No two baroque pearls will be exactly alike. Our baroque earrings are carefully selected for pairing.

If you are unable to accept the beautiful irregularities and imperfections of these natural pearls, please refrain from ordering our Baroque designs. Refunds will not be made because of such reasons.